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  • April 16


    Birthdays: AprilShowers


    Pedro António Avondano (1714),  Józef Stefani (1800), Karel Bendl (1838),  Charles Silver (1868), Mykolas Bukša (1869),  John Millington Synge (1871), Constance Shacklock (1913),  Carol Brice (1918), Marie Collier (1927), Rosa Dzhamanova (1928)


    Stefano Benedetto Pallavicino (1742), Yevstigney Fomin (1800- O.S.), John Barnett (1890), Margaret Sheridan (1958), István Kertész (1973), Maria Caniglia (1979), Anatoly Nikolayevich Alexandrov (1982), John Reardon  (1988), Josef Greindl (1993), Herbert Wernicke (2002)


    Special Mention:

    Rémy Corazza

    (* April 16, 1933)

    81st Birthday



    Special Mention:

    Stephen Pruslin

    (* April 16, 1940)

    74th Birthday



    Special Mention:

    Leo Nucci

    (* April 16, 1942)

    72nd Birthday



    Davies MS

    Special Mention:

    Dennis Russell Davies

    (* April 16, 1944)

    70th Birthday



    Special Mention:

    Mike Ashman

    (* April 16, 1950)

    64th Birthday


    Special Mention:

    Alcina, GF Handel

    London, Covent Garden Theatre

    World Premiere



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                                      April 16


    what makes the baritone voice so special: from Nabbuco to I Due Foscari, from Macbeth to Luisa Miller, and Rigoletto, and Germont in Traviata — for Verdi, it’s the voice of authority. The voice of fathers. The voice of calm. The voice that as children, we heard in the arms of our fathers, right next to his heart.

    NucciQuote   – Leo Nucci (*April 16, 1942) www.leonucci.net







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